USPS LiteBlue: Access to More Than Just Your Earnings Statement

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is another feature available to you through USPS LiteBlue ‘MY HR.’

“Employee apps” such as “My HR” have been available for several years now through LiteBlue — your HR website on USPS LiteBlue. Among your self-service Employee apps is ePayroll, which is available to nearly all USPS employees (rural delivery employees are not included) who wish to use direct deposit.

The USPS LiteBlue ePayroll app is available to USPS employees 24 hours a day giving you immediate access to your earning statements.  Employees can review their earning statements for up to 40 consecutive previous pay periods.  (Don’t forget that your USPS LiteBlue access is removed once you separate from service).


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Earnings statements on LiteBlue ePayroll is available the employee once new records are processed. The LiteBlue ePayroll statements provide more detail than traditional printed statements on processed allotments, benefit deductions, withholdings and leave balances.  In addition LiteBlue ePayroll also provides the user with online guides so employees can better understand their earnings statements and all of the information contained within them.

“Go Green” with ePayroll

Employees who wish can also store their records electronically on their computers without the need to print out the statements themselves.

How to Access ePayroll (you have 3 ways):

·      Go to

o   Select the Employee Apps ‘carousel’ at the center of the home page.

·      On LiteBlue;

o   Select the My HR tab and then the “Find Employee Apps” section.

·      On LiteBlue;

o   Select the employee apps button near the bottom of the ‘My HR’ pages.

What can you do on LiteBlue?


Allotment and Net-to-Bank selections

e-Travel net-to-bank options

Make changes to your Federal W-4

Add, cancel or change your Savings Bond options

View up to 15 years of earnings W-2



Use PostalEase

Change your FEHB options

Enroll, change or cancel your Thrift Savings Plan contributions

You can only change, enroll or cancel your Thrift Savings Plan through LiteBlue.  To make Thrift Savings Plan fund transfers, request a Thrift Savings Plan Loan or withdrawal and also view periodic Thrift Savings Plan statements please access your account directly.

Add, change or cancel your Thrift Savings Plan Catch-up contributions

Enroll in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

Request an Annual Leave Exchange

NOTE: These selections are typically made during Open Season – You should verify the dates for Open Season.


USPS employees will need their Employee ID and USPS PIN number in order to access LiteBlue.  For further information on how to use LiteBlue click HERE.



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