WHY NOT RETIRE HEALTHY – by Dianna Tafazoli

Why Not Retire Healthy?

retire healthyA recent Mayo Clinic proceeding headed by Dr. Carl J. Lavie, Medical Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation and Prevention at the Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans asserted that lower doses of running may be the perfect recipe for keeping the heart healthy. He further intimated that people who run five or six miles per week improve their health and retire healthy.

Dr. Lavie revealed that runners generally weigh less and therefore are far less prone to obesity than people who jogged fewer than five miles per week or not all. The runners were less likely to experience diseases such as arthritis, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, strokes, diabetes and certain cancers.

Dr. Lavie commented that one to two runs per week at three to six miles per week but less than an hour supports heart health. However, Dr. Lavie further commented that running 20 to 30 minutes or about a mile and a half to three miles twice per week should be near perfect. In order for federal workers to enjoy their retirement years given  American are living longer, it would be wise to read over Dr. Lavie’s report with people you trust and think about paying closer attention to the conversations our bodies are trying to have with us.

It is estimated that people are living longer and could easily live another 20-30 years in retirement to include Federal and Postal workers. That’s good news if we start now strengthening the heart muscle by giving it just the right dosage of common sense exercise, we should be on track to capture those 20-30 years in retirement and retire healthy. What’s retirement without good health so that you can enjoy it?

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