AARP Virginia Wants Better Retirement Benefits Savings

retirement benefits

A recent report states that AARP Virginia wants better retirement benefits savings for the locals. It will send volunteers to request initiating a program so that people with no retirement benefits savings could get the opportunity to save via a plan that deducts the amount from their salaries. A Senator and a State Delegate are also expected to sponsor bills in this regard.

retirement benefits

Why AARP Virginia Wants Better Retirement Benefits Savings?

For people who are wondering why AARP Virginia wants better retirement benefits savings, it should be mentioned that there are many Virginians who do not have any retirement benefits or an access to an employer-sponsored retirement plan. It is also pertinent to mention here that there are over one million AARP members in Virginia who can be useful in pushing the bill.

The Plan of Action

As per information shared by AARP, the volunteers would be present during the Virginia General Assembly which will convene soon. They will ask the legislators to initiate a program that helps workers to save for retirement. This program is generally known as Work and Save Plan.

The Statement

In a statement offered by Melvin Evans, who serves as the State President of AARP Virginia it was mentioned that AARP Virginia is fighting hard to put a secure retirement within the reach of people who work hard and plan extensively for their future. He also stated that many Virginians have no money in the retirement savings account and they don’t even have any type of employer-sponsored retirement plan. He further added that AARP advocates for the enactment of a Work and Save plan that will offer the locals a convenient way to save for retirement via payroll deduction.

The Powerful People

Some powerful people, namely, Frank Ruff who serves as a State Senator and Luke Torians who serves as a State Delegate will be the ones who will sponsor bills in their chambers to create a program for all the workers who do not have access to any sort of an employer-sponsored plan.

The Other Aim

Apart from the fact that AARP Virginia wants better retirement benefits savings, the organization is also aiming to address the most important issues that put the already vulnerable locals into more financial hardships. These key issues involve but are not limited to family caregivers, long-term care recipients, and some budget proposals.

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