About Social Security Disability Benefits

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To be eligible for Social Security disability benefits, the individual will have a handicap that is either mental or physical, which does not allow them to fully work for a minimum of a year. They can also qualify if they have a terminal illness.

Federal workers under the Federal Employees’ Retirement System or the Civil Service Retirement System will see that the disability retirement standard is more stern for Social Security than their pension systems.

Now, if you become disabled, it is very important to put in a claim for your disability benefits as soon as you are able. To file for disability from the Social Security Administration, you will need to provide data about your condition, along with the names and contact information of your doctors, clinics, and hospitals that you have been going to. You will also need to give information about what work you have done and where you have worked in the past 15 years.

For those under the Federal Employees’ Retirement System, you will need to apply for the disability benefits of both FERS and Social Security at the same time. However, just because you qualify for one, does not mean you will be qualified for the other.

If you are qualified to receive your disability benefits from Social Security, you will start receiving those benefits a full six months after you have been approved.

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