Are You On The Right Track With Your Retirement Plan Contribution? Sponsored by: Wray Mathews

It’s a crucial thing to save money for your golden years. You’ll risk struggling to pay your bills without laying a solid nest once your career ends. What will you do when other expenses take control of your income? We’re faced with many debts payment in every stage of our life. Because of these reasons, America is strongly behind the retirement savings for every individual.

A survey done by Transamerica states that the median balance among all workers is just $50,000. Given that we are supposed to be saving 15% of our income for future purposes, the number estimated by the Transamerica survey is not encouraging. Remember, it’s not advisable to withdraw our nest eggs at once in retirement. Although a $23,000 balance for a 25-year-old millennial, which can be less for a 34 year old millennial and $144,000, which is the median amount saved by boomers, might seems to be a tremendous amount of money, yet it’s never encouraging. Few encouraging steps will boost your retirement savings regardless of age. 

  1. Designate an extra income from your yearly raises for retirement savings. Also, when you allocate 401(k) from your increased salary, which is $2,000, it will bring you closer to your aimed savings goal. This way, you can get your retirement savings, even if you don’t want to part with additional income from current savings.
  2. As an average wage-earner, it may be stressful and challenging to designate a specific amount of money to meet up your 401(k) or IRA. Dedicating an extra time for a side hustle when you rescheduled your weekly plan, can increase your chances of getting what you wanted. For example, if you’re earning $100 from the extra time spent after work, you’re probably saving up to $5000 for your retirement. The few hours spent in a week on another job, can boost your income and contribute to your higher retirement plan.
  3. In other to increase your chances of ending your career with enough money, to Carter for your expenses in your older age, investing wisely is advisable. But consistent funding of your retirement plan will increase your chances of more. You can also invest the money in a manner that will fuel it’s growth if you can’t meet up with your 401(k) or IRA contributions. Being at 50 with an IRA balance of $64000 isn’t enough for someone at that age. With a conservative investment portfolio, which comes from 4% return from your yearly income, you can save up to $181,500. To get an ending balance of $317,800, you need to generate an average annual return of 8%, which comes up from heavy stocks investing.

It is wise and crucial to retire with your ending income ten times when you don’t overlook your retirement savings plan. Investing strategically and consistently will aid your savings when you have a catch up to do. Since there’s no single number or rules that guarantee nor states that you will have enough money for your bills in your older stages of life, maximizing your yearly income can boost your retirement plans.

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