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October 17, 2021

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Jeff Boettcher

Jeff Boettcher

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Jeff Boettcher is known for his ability to make the complex simple while helping navigate his clients through the challenges of making the right investment decisions. When asked what he is most passionate about professionally his answer was true to character, “Helping my clients - I love being able to solve their problems. People are rightfully concerned about their retirement income, when they can retire, how to maximize their financial safety and future income. I am proud to be able to help them with that.” Jeff started Bedrock Investment Advisors for clients in the public sector who value a close working relationship with an advisor that places a high degree of value in preserving their clients’ trust. He has focused on helping federal employees maximize benefits for nearly a decade. Bedrock Investment Advisors offers excellent customer service with the primary focus of helping federal employees achieve their retirement goals.

Jeff attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, one of the nation’s premier business schools and brings a vast bank of experience and achievements. He was one of the youngest Senior Vice Presidents in the country for Wells Fargo Investments and worked at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) in the Eurodollar pit, for an interest rate derivatives trader. These varying perspectives extend his range and capacity for helping a client and providing financial advisory analysis.

A Michigan native, Jeff grew up playing sports throughout high school and into college. He excelled in high school football, wrestling and track where his football team won the State title and, where he advanced to state-level qualifying in the Pole Vault, 300M Hurdles, 4x100M, 4x200M, and 4x400M. At Miami, he also earned a track scholarship as a decathlete. While Jeff is still an ‘aging’ athlete, these days Jeff will take more swings on the golf course than miles running. He creates family time often with weekly excursions to play golf, a hobby he shares with his 2 young daughters, and acknowledges that they are far better than him at that age. Married to Betty Boettcher since 2008, they reside in Arizona with their 3 children.

Jeff is a builder by nature. In his free time, you may find him pursuing one of his hobbies, like rebuilding old cars, getting his hands dirty, and “swinging hammers.” His careful and methodical thinking with the construction of substantial planning from the ground up is evident in his personal and professional life. This is something that he brings to each client relationship as he attempts to build the most secure financial future for them.

A little-known secret is Jeff is also really good at telling bedtime stories. He doesn’t just read books to his children but encourages them to create their own story. Yes, using a foundation of a "Disney-theme" he gives them their choice of topics and will help create a story with them. Jeff, similarly, employs this technique in the business world when advising clients. Using proven financial based models he helps his clients build investment strategies and create stories of their own retirement future.

For over 20 years, Jeff has helped his clients grow and protect their retirement savings. “I don’t swing a hammer as a profession - but each time I work with my clients, I'm building their future, and there are few things that are more important to a family than a stable financial foundation” encompasses his approach and the care he takes as a financial advisor.


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