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May 26, 2022

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Jeff Spencer

Jeff Spencer

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Jeff Spencer developed his passion in helping others with financial planning at a very young age while enlisted in the Air Force, stationed in England working on aircraft as a crew chief.  He quickly stood out as an individual that had a passion for helping others; his squadron commander asked him to accept an assignment as the squadron financial advisor.  With training, Jeff developed his skills as an advisor for military men and women in his squadron.

While in the Air Force he continued his education in business, enrolling in classes overseas with professors from Cambridge University and Oxford University where he studied economics and international banking. Separating from the Air Force, and a desire to help others, led him to a small investment firm in Burbank Ca.

As a licensed stock broker, working with individuals from the Disney studios, Paramount pictures, and The Tonight Show to name a few along with several small business owners executing financial investments built on long and short-term investments provided experience in several levels of planning.

Time being a great educator, traveling to many places, and developing plans for hundreds of clients has provided a lifetime of wisdom for Jeff.  Working through so many economic cycles and dedicated to continuing his thirst for knowledge has developed the confidence necessary to provide the trust and experience needed to provide quality advice for individuals preparing for retirement. His dedication to a lifetime of income and protection along with peace of mind and many years of happiness is a commitment that he takes very seriously.

Over the years, Jeff has continued with his passion and recognizes how money can become a powerful tool that should be used to deliver safety and protection in our lives. Financial freedom can be defined in many ways (its powerful). Financial planning can help ease fear, misfortunes, frustrations, and bring us peace of mind and happiness. All too often greed and fear enter into our lives and can leave us with unexpected pain. Age gives us years of life experiences that develop wisdom, and always seeking knowledge may bring us to a point in life where we begin to understand the difference between what we want in life and what we need in life. Sometimes with proper planning we can have it all.

Jeff Spencer understands what a lifetime of dedication with the government looks like, and letting go of the connection with that relationship can be difficult. When he left the service, he had to find his way and knows what it was like making the changes.  He developed the IEA way (Introduction Education and Application)

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