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May 26, 2022

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Richard Brenner

Richard L. Brenner Helping federal employees protect and preserve wealth

Richard Brenner

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Richard Brenner

Richard Brenner is a graduate of Lafayette College, with a B.A. in Economics and Business has been assisting families with wealth preservation strategies for nearly 20 years.

There are many personal, emotional, and financial challenges that we as adults must face. This fact became reality to Richard when his father suddenly passed away, leaving behind a wife of many years. With the realization that his family situation was not unique, Richard embarked on a mission to help others understand the best course of action for their financial future and avoid the pitfalls bestowed upon he and his mother at his father’s passing.

At that tipping point, Richard was forced to research financial problems associated with catastrophic illness, long-term care, estate and income planning, Medicare, and Medicaid. Today he focuses on the specific needs of people nearing and in retirement, both private and government sectors, to help them create a positive path for their future. His research also leads him to wholly understand the uses of a plethora of financial products (tools) and their applications. Government employees have many decisions to make when transitioning into retirement and like an egg, once cracked, can never get back into its shell. Many decisions if not made properly may prove costly. Knowledge is power.

Richards’ clients are appreciative of his financial expertise and the way he explains conservative options for the challenges of transitioning from working into retirement. He is passionate about helping others establish a clear plan for their future and provide security to their loved ones. The biggest concern people have in retirement is running out of money. Richard solves this issue.
Knowing the importance of being well informed as laws constantly change, Richard regularly attends continuing education courses involving insurance and financial matters. Seeking to further his knowledge and expertise in order to provide the best advice for his clients, he tirelessly researches best industry practices. He is devoted to understanding and helping with the social, financial, and health related issues facing todays’ retirees.

About Richard Brenner

Richard Brenner is an independent, licensed financial professional who specializes in offering retirement solutions to federal employees.  Rich lives in Mount Laurel, NJ,  and graduated from Lafayette College with a B.A. in Economics and Business and has been assisting families with wealth preservation strategies since 2000.

Richard Brenner can be reached at;

[email protected]




Richard Brenner is an Independent financial professional and contributor. disclaims all liability for any advice or for the accuracy of the information shared.

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