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April 16, 2021

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Rick Spruill

Rick Spruill

Author at
Public Sector Retirement

Spruill Financial Services /Asset Protectors Inc.

3500 VA. Beach Blvd. Ste 504 , VA. Beach, VA 23452

Phone # 757-498-4001


Financial, Retirement, Military, and Civil Service Retirement TSP Fegli and VGLI Life insurance Conversion Expert, Wealth Transfer, Nursing home, Estate, Consulting and Planning Experts and a Business Tax reduction expert…
EXPERTISE AND EXPERIENCE: 42 Years of Service in the Financial Services World... Certified Senior Advisor, Became an expert in Military and Civil Service retirement/TSP Planning and insurance before giving the Financial Pre-com Class Lecture of the USS Forestall which is now decommissioned,...Radio "Ask the Expert Talk Show Host" hundreds of times on WTAR/WNIS  in regards to Safe money Investing, Retirement Planning, TSP Fegli and VGLI Life, Wealth Creation and Transferring, Estate Planning, Medicaid Spend Down Planning... and Business Tax Reduction...National Talk show guest on Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Where we teach about the benefits and Pit Falls of Reverse Mortgages and other Retirement Rescue Programs...
PREVIOUS EMPLOYERS: John Hancock Financial Services from 1974 to 1990 (16 Years) Then formed Spruill Financial Services to better assist his clients as an independent CSA ...from 1990 to present and then created Asset Protectors INC which we feel much better relates to protecting our clients' assets...
EDUCATION AND TRAINING: A multitude of Business Schools including the demanding course to become a Certified Senior Advisor...Corporate schools including The John Hancock Institute, Ed Slott's IRA/401K Expert training as well as Senior Advisory Group training on how to keep a client's investments Safe while still being able to enjoy market growth when it happens all while excluding any market losses. IRA Rescue & Social Security training from The BCA and Recent training on VA Retirement benefits, Wealth Management and so much more...
AWARDS AND HONORS: Led John Hancock’s Honor Clubs and Presidents Clubs about eleven years. As an independent became the leader of many company's Clubs. Joined The Association of Certified Senior Advisors...2003 Businessman of the year award...Certificate of Recognition from the USA Honor Society.

2013 and 2014 Best of Virginia Beach Award in the categories of Financial, Estate and Retirement Planning/Consultants

COMMUNITY AND PROFESSIONAL SERVICE: Coached Seven years of Great Bridge Pony Baseball...Served on the board of directors two terms of Southern States CO-OP...Participated two years with the MDA Lockup charities...Have three Beautiful Grand Daughters that I do not get the chance to spoil often enough...Also served as president of the Touched by Elvis Fan Club...for over five years... I’ve performed Elvis Tribute shows up and down the east coast and one stint in Vegas. Performed for the benefit of the USO and the Vetshouse for Homeless Veterans.   Thus performing, Teaching, Presenting to audiences is second nature to me…and a stint of being The VP of the Mogul Ski Club



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