Is your boss helping you prepare for retirement?

prepare for retirement

Bosses are ideally not looked at with a lot of pure love and respect throughout the country. No matter how the employees might seem or behave from the outside, most of the times they don’t feel the same internally. The situation though never gets changed for an employee as whether they like their boss or not, they have to deal with them.

Bosses are not always that bad though; especially if they do one of the following things for you; read on to know how your bosses are helping you retire better:

Bosses help you prepare for retirement:

  1. Auto-enrolment in a 401(k): We don’t like to live on pensions anymore. This is the reason why at many places, 401(k) plans are preferred these days. Some workplaces in the recent years have decided to enrol all the employees in some 401(k) programs to help them ensure their future.
  2. Giving you 401(k) money: Some bosses also go the extra mile and they help you even more by putting their own money in your 401(k) accounts. This entices the employees to make contributions themselves.
  3. Giving you HAS money: We normally don’t care enough for our health savings and if your employer is actually putting money in your health savings accounts then you need to value and respect them a lot more.
  4. Insurance options provision: If your employer also provides you with insurance options that are wide enough for you to make a decision, then you are working under a true gem. Don’t let yourself lose them.
  5. Professional and insightful aid: Many employers spend thousands of dollars trying to get financial planning help. Many bosses are capable enough to provide them this insight free of cost. If your boss does this, then you can know that you are saving a lot of money.



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