Can retirement be postponed by inefficient federal training system


The federal training system has always been the subject of loads of criticism the recent past and their system is, if not anything else, very ineffective and inefficient, as indicated by many surveys.

The inefficient federal training system:


The current training system is guilty of possessing a lot of flaws. First of all, it doesn’t provide any timely or substantial guidance that the federal employees are often desperate to get their hands on. The feds that are naïve are left to prepare and manage on their own while making important decisions that can affect their post-retirement life significantly.

This leads to great problems. Most of the federal employees don’t even know where to begin. The federal training system is supposed to make them familiar with all the comprehensive retirement planning procedures, the TSP selections and all the other related affairs.

There have been a lot of question marks being raised by the critics about the efficacy of the system and all of them are comprising of some valid point of views. It’s high time that the system be rejuvenated somehow to support the aid of the federal employees more rigorously. It’s expected that with the start of the new year and with the raising of a lot of voices about this matter, things might be on the course of getting better.

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