Children of Veterans Get Free School Supplies in San Antonio


Children of veterans who served the nation at some point and are fighting poverty and homelessness have a new reason to smile. The U.S Department of Veterans Affairs recently offered free school supplies to them in San Antonio and helped them start the new education year in the best possible manner. The veterans whose children got benefitted from this new initiative were very happy. They want every other veteran to benefit from it too.


How Many Children of Veterans got the Supplies?

As per the data shared by the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs, over 230 children of veterans received school supplies in San Antonio. This initiative was a part of the homeless veterans program of the department. The assistance was given to every kid no matter whether the kid was in pre-kindergarten or in high school.

The Reactions

Most of the veterans were delighted by the gift given to their children. A veteran, Nicholas Tolbert stated that this initiative was a huge help as it gave him a lot of peace of mind when he thought that his daughter, Natalie was prepared for the classroom. Natalie is going to be in the first grade this year. He also added that they just got off the street after being homeless for two months so the help they got is huge.

Ingrid Bethel-Constable stated that she went to the website for that school district and filled the backpacks with everything mentioned on the list.

Need for More Awareness

A single father who served the army for more than 12 years, Larry Hopkins said that he wants more veterans to be aware of the benefits and services made available for them. He stated that a lot of veterans have no idea that they can come to the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs to get help and getting stabilized in life.

Not Forgotten

Tolbert stated that the program to offer children of veterans with free school supplies is a kind of a reminder that says the veterans are not being forgotten. He adds that sometimes veterans may feel that they have no value and they are being easily forgotten. But then something like this happens and they feel appreciated again. He says that he feels great when he realizes that the help offered by the community is not just for him as a veteran but for his entire family. He said that he cannot explain how great he feels at that time in words.

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