Government Getting Sued By Youth Over Climate Change

climate changeThe youth from all over the country have begun to throw law suits at the feet of many states and the federal government has been urged to show some enthusiasm over the climate change. The stand point of the youth is this: they don’t care about global warming causing harm to nature because they believe that it’s nature and its way of bringing about climatic off-seasons. So they would want to let natural resources be preserved and not changed according to the will of the government.

As expected, there are mixed reviews from analysts and thinkers about this matter. Some actually believe that the children have raised quite a point and that it’s pragmatic to consider the preserving of natural resources. While there are others who completely consider this juvenile efforts to make money and chaos.

Can The Youth Really Sue the Government Over Climate Change?

The non-profit company from Oregon known as the Our Children’s trust has gone ahead and made many efforts and actually signed many causes on social networks (leading to successfully signed petitions) against many states of the country and they have not spared the federal government in their suits.


The Supreme Court issued a legal principle known as the doctrine of public trust in 1892 and the young ones of the country are referencing to it and saying that the generations hold the cards and should be entrusted whenever making decisions about the solidarity of a nation.


While this is a very gruesome and cumbersome issue and requires professional expertise to actually be able to study and analyze well, the youth hasn’t made a completely farce argument either. It’s to be analyze with care and with precision and the government should most certainly not just go ahead and disregard this uproar made by the ever so enthusiastic liberal youth of your country. Here’s hoping things end up alright after all.

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