Obama has Authorized Federal Pay Raise

tsp taxes federal payFederal employees are all set to get a pay raise this year…and it’s official. The president has finally issued the executive order about the federal pay raise that all of the federal employees was after. The executive order has authorized a 1.3% pay raise and it has come after previously we heard about the spending bill that amounted to a little over trillion dollars.

The federal pay raise is here:

The bill hasn’t meant to bring about any differences for the VP and other senior positions. The raise will go into effect as soon as the next year starts and OPM has also already released their report that is highlighting all the salary tables that the people were looking forward to.

The President, in this regard sent out a letter to majority of the congressional members during the month of August where he authorized the majority of the adjustments to the locality pays.

This is something that the federal employees look forward to every year and this year was no different. The anticipation was huge and thankfully, the end result was exactly what the majority wanted. The pay raise is as substantial as was expected and it surely is going to prove to be something great for all the employees. The reason why it’s so important is that the federal employees can thus feel that they are actually cared about and that their concerns also hold importance in the White house. Here’s hoping that this is not just a single port in the storm and that steps like these get taken every now and again in order for the mass of the population to have a smile on their faces. Start calculating your incomes for the coming year and also begin contemplating what you would be doing with the extra quid!

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