Obama Pushes for Parental Leave for Federal Employees

The Obama government is trying to push for parental leave for federal employees once more. They made the same attempt previously in fiscal 2016 budget but they were not successful. So the government has announced it in 2017 fiscal budget again. This move is taken to ensure that government employees get as many benefits as the private sector employees which will ensure that they stay on the government job for long.

What’s the duration of Parental Leave for Federal employees?parental leave

The Obama government wants the service men and women to get 6 weeks of paid administrative leave after the birth of a child, an adoption or even a foster placement of a child.

The Current Situation

Right now many of the service men and women have to make use of their accrued sick and annual leaves. This is not a pleasant scenario as the employees work hard to accumulate these leaves and lose them instantly. The service men and women also think that if the private sector employees get so many parental leaves, why don’t they.

The Previous Steps

This is not the only step taken to ensure the well-being and happiness of a federal employee. Last year Obama approved of an executive order that allowed feds to use as much as six weeks of paid sick leaves to take care of an ill family member of a new child. Another executive order made it mandatory for federal contractors to give as many as 7 days of sick leaves for employees that can be used to care for an ill family member or a new child.

The Key Goals

The key motive behind getting the parental leaves approved in the budget is to ensure that all the middle-class families have a good work-life balance. Another motive is to ensure that the quality of life of the federal employees can be made better. This will help them to stick to a government job for the long haul and the government will have access to the most qualified and skilled workers consistently.

Inspiring Others

The push made by the Obama government in favor of parental leaves has inspired the Department of Defense to take some crucial measures too. Only last month, the Defense Secretary, Ash Carter made an announcement according to which female service members would be given 12 weeks of paid maternity leave.

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