October Saw TSP Stock Funds Get Gains

Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)

TSP Stock Funds Get See Gains

Majority of the Thrift Savings plan funds saw huge rises in the preceding month of October. The fund that got the largest boost was the C fund. This was hugely unexpected but the commission that approved the change justified its decision and when you really look at it, it does have excellent effects for the federal employees in the longer term.

The C fund is based on the S&P 500 index. Specifically this index saw a whopping raise of 8.4 percent in the month of October. The index has not seen a higher raise in the past 4 years which is something really striking. One more surprising fact is that the C fund was actually able to even exceed its index rate and gained 8.46 percent for the month of October. This also means that the C fund is now going to be at 2.8 (round about) for the year and for the last 12 months it stands at 5.28 percent.

This gain in the C fund is something that’s going to be written in the history books. October 2011 saw the C fund gain around 11 percent and since then, no year saw the C fund get a raise this high.

Apart from the C fund, other smaller TSP stock funds also saw gains in the preceding month. The S fund, for instance increased by 5.612 percent but it’s still down for the whole year. These tinier funds play a more vital part to the domestic economy of the country and because of the fact that the economy is not getting rapid growth, there is expectedly less chances for these funds to gain growth in their revenue. That is the reason why they are behind the C fund by a substantial amount.

Other funds like the G fund also saw changes and this just goes to show the importance of the month of October in the domestic economic life of the country.

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