Open Season on the Way

In the coming months, service members and retirees face some important decisions when it comes to their healthcare coverage for 2019. Open season is right around the corner (November 12 – December 10), and during this time most beneficiaries can choose which TRICARE plan they would like to participate in. A TRICARE plan won’t need to be selected by anyone who is an active-duty or reserve-component service member as their coverage is already included unless they are nearing retirement. However, active-duty family members and retirees have the option to change their TRICARE plans if desired.

The FEDVIP vision plan is not included for active-duty service members as they do not qualify. If reserve-component members, family members, and/or retirees would like to enroll in vision coverage, then they will need to make this choice during this year’s open season.

One major change this year involves coverage for dental. The current TRDP program comes to an end on December 31. Retirees (and their family members) that are opted into either TRICARE Prime or TRICARE Select, as well as retirees and family members who use TRICARE for Life, are required to enroll during this year’s open season in the FEDVIP dental plan.

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