OPM releases Back Pay Calculator to Offer Deserved Payments to Federal Employees

federal employees, opm

The federal employees have to face unwarranted personnel actions against them and they often lose a part of their pay. To ensure that such an employee is given his or her due, OPM has released a back pay calculator. This calculator helps the agencies to calculate the exact amount of money they will need to pay a worker who has been denied deserved payment without a good reason.

federal employees, opm
OPM Helps in Making Federal Employees’ Financially Whole

The agency stated that they payment of reasonable attorney fees, back pay and interest are offered to an employee with the aim of making the federal employees’ financially whole. This applies to all the federal employees who were affected by any unwarranted or unjustified personnel action that resulted in the reduction, withdrawal or denial of either all or a part of the pay, differentials and allowances that were otherwise due to the federal workers.

The Benefits

Online calculator offered by the OPM provides step by step instructions that allow the agencies to make necessary computations. It also helps the users to do some things that are mentioned as follows:

  • Calculate the interest awards and back pay by making use of the service quarterly interest rates of the Internal Revenue Service that are automatically updated.
  • Compensate the back pay award that was a result of any outside earnings earned by an employee during the back pay period.
  • A user can also save a back pay case to the local computer. He or she can also upload as well as edit an existing case by using the local computer.
  • The user is also allowed to print a summary report pertaining to the completed calculations related to a case.

The Fact Sheet

It is pertinent to mention here that the OPM has also posted a fact sheet that not only defines back pay but also highlights a list of the back pay interest rates. It is obvious that these sheets and calculators provided by OPM would make the jobs easier for the federal employees who work in the finance, payroll or human resource departments of the agencies. It is so because they wouldn’t have to do the complex calculations themselves or look for the interest rates by using numerous internet searches.  Hence, the work of these people has been simplified.

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