Past 12 Months and YTD Show TSP S-Fund on Top

What is TSP?

The stock market seemed to have performed well for investors in July:
• Dow Jones: up 4.3%
• S&P 500 (the index the C fund is based on) – gained 3.1%
• Nasdaq – up 1.6%

Highest Performing TSP Funds in July

All the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) funds showed positive returns for July.
S Fund on Top for Past 12 Months & C Fund on Top for July
The S fund seems to be leading all funds for the past 12 months (with a return of 17.46%), while the C Fund came out on top in July (with a return of 3.72%).

When looking at year-to-date, the S Fund shows a return of 7.91% and is on top of all TSP Funds. However, the C Fund is a close second for the YTD with a return of 6.45%.

For more information, the rate of return for each fund by month for each year can be found at

How TSP Participants Tend to Allocate Their Investments
Overall, the highest long-term returns are found with stocks over bonds. However, sometimes stocks fall, but bonds don’t. A great example of this is when stocks dropped significantly from 2001-2003, and the C Fund trended downward for three straight years:

• In 2000: down -9.14%
• In 2001: down -11.94%
• In 2002: down -22.05%

However, the G fund went up over the course of these same years:
• in 2000: up +6.42%
• in 2001: up +5.29%
• in 2002: up +5%

G Fund investors were undoubtedly pleased with their decision to put more money into the G Fund overstocks. Although, in the midst of this downturn in stocks where the World Trade Center Bombing occurred. While events such as these are highly unusual, they do happen.
However, for 13 out of the next 15 years, the C fund climbed and finished ahead of the G fund, which in some years this was quite a substantial amount.


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