Retired Veterans May Not Want to Retire in Indiana


Most of the retirees wish for making their retirement more exciting by retiring at a place where they can get all the facilities and live peacefully without the need for spending a lot of money on daily expenses. If you are among the retired veterans then you may want to keep Indiana away from the list of ideal destinations to retire. Why? A recent survey has the answers.

retired veteransWhat Do Retired Veterans Prefer Post Retirement?

It is a well-known fact that the average age of retirement for the officers is 47. As per Jill Gonzalez, who serves as an Analyst at a Washington-based personal finance site WalletHub, most retirees are left with 3 challenges at this stage. The first challenge is to re-enter the job force. It is the most likely challenge. The second challenge is to seek only veteran-specific jobs and the third challenge is to get VA care and benefits.

The Ranking

The company also ranked the best and worst states for retired veterans. In the list, Indiana was fourth from the bottom. The main reason for the low ranking was that Indiana partially taxes military pensions. The other reasons were a lack of VA health facilities and the low quality of the available VA health facilities. These reasons make Indiana a military retiree deterrent, revealed Gonzalez.

The Main Quality Parameters

WalletHub has ranked the states by measuring them on various quality parameters such as access to VA facilities, access to arts, access to leisure, the cost of living data, housing costs, the state tax on military pensions, the number of doctors per capita, etc. In total, 20 such quality parameters were used by the company to prepare the list.

The gist of the matter was also shared by Gonzalez. She said that the retirees must always know what they are getting into when they look for an ideal place to retire. They should particularly have a look at the state’s tax policies.

The List

The list prepared by WalletHub had 51 states and the overall topper of the list is Alaska. It is closely followed by South Dakota and Montana. Alaska is number one in providing the best economic environment while Montana is number one in providing health care and quality of life. The worst place to retire for retired veterans is Rhode Island where the economic environment and health care are nearly the worst and the quality of life is not so good either.

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