Outside-the-Box Ways to Fund Retirement

Here are some unconventional ways to make money in your senior years.


You might have invested for years without worrying about cash flow. Regular income paid expenses and created retirement savings.

As a principal source of income, relying on growing stock price rises is a lousy strategy. You may need to sell shares before a slump when it would most damage your investment. Many growth portfolios have plummeted 20% in recent months. The dilemma may be easily resolved by reducing growth and increasing payouts. A solid dividend stock’s payout is dependable even if its price is completely flipped.

As a point of reference, the dividend yield of the typical stock in the S&P 500 that is included in the index is around 2%.

Back to Work

This isn’t what most retirees wanted. Many of us will continue our occupations in our twilight years if we haven’t already. According to the Rand Corporation, 40% of American employees 65 and older have retired and returned to work. That’s around 10 million individuals, or a fifth of the population.

If you’re receiving Social Security and working, know this: Social Security will reduce your monthly income if you work and earn enough. If your monthly income exceeds $19,560 in 2022, your Social Security benefit will be decreased by $1. Working can offset the loss of Social Security income, making retirement more financially manageable.

Reasonable: Real Estate as an Investment

Being a landlord requires owning property the landlord doesn’t need. If you don’t have a second house to rent, skip this money-making retirement technique.

Now is a good moment to buy a second home or half of a duplex. Due to a lack of rental homes, rents have soared. RSM says the U.S. needs 3.5 million extra dwellings to maintain market stability. By 2030, the country will need to build 1.7 million new dwellings yearly. Anyone with rental housing will benefit till the request is fulfilled.

Flipping Sounds Crazy, but it Works

“Flipping” means acquiring an item with the intent of selling it immediately for a profit by charging more than the original purchase price. You can flip virtually any object.

Although it may seem absurd at first, many individuals are generating money by flipping and having a great time doing it. Monthly earnings can be anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

The practice depends on the fact that, for many people, convenience is more important than searching around for the lowest price. This is true in many industries, including furniture, toys, consumer electronics, and antiques.

Flipping requires several elements. First, understand the item, and its value. If you don’t know much about power drills, stick to something you know.

Second, the items must be acquired and sold. Yard sales and thrift shops are fantastic places to find inventory, but online marketplaces often fetch the most money. In addition, a seller’s readiness to sell and ship can make or break a deal.

Therefore, it is advisable to begin this hustle on a modest scale to become familiar with its intricacies before expanding into larger endeavors.

Putting your Automobile Up for Rent? It’s a Thing.

Finally, some people would hire your automobile rather than use a traditional car rental service, if you are prepared to allow someone else to drive it. If you join up with one of the many apps that link would-be drivers with vehicle owners who don’t constantly require access to their cars, you may make as much as $9,000 per year, according to HyreCar.

The notion carries with it some obvious dangers and concerns. To begin, even though drivers are required by law to have insurance, your insurance carrier may not be thrilled with the prospect of paying claims for a vehicle that is often used by a wide range of persons for business purposes. Consult an insurance professional before proceeding. Furthermore, it reduces the resale value of your car by causing wear and tear that would not occur under normal circumstances. You should give this some serious thought before you jump in.

However, if you’re willing to accept the terms provided by a trustworthy peer-to-peer automobile rental network, you may make money using this unconventional method of doing business.

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His goals are to guide federal employees to achieve their financial goals while maximizing their retirement incomes.

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