Scott Rigell to retire in 2017

scott rigellScott Rigell is set to take retirement after the commencement of this term. He has been incumbent in the office for 6 years now. This announcement was made by him in a letter to the constituents.

Scott Rigell will retire in 2017:

Rigell has always been considered a man of his words but pertaining to a pledge he took in 2010, when he joined, an exception to his values can be observed. He pledged that he is going to serve no more than 6 terms but has now decided to leave after completing three. The reason he mentioned for this early departure is that he believes he has done and accomplished whatever he had planned, if not more. He mentioned that he had made it his ambition to establish a strong House majority that would create a strong balance that the party would benefit from; the current situation reflects the achievement of his objectives, hence being high time to leave!

He mentioned some notions in his farewell words as well. He indicated that the discretionary spending has decline since the Republicans took control of the House of Representatives; it was the same year he had joined Congress.

Rigell is a representative of Virginia’s 2nd District which is inclusive of the Eastern Shore and the Virginia Beach. Democrats have always made this area a target but Rigell’s district has become more Republican because of an improved congressional map that the federal judges have imposed on the state. His office also claims that the district consists of the highest number of active and retired military personnel compared to others.

While Scott was a man known for his strength of character and diligence when it came to duty, his was always a very vibrant presence in the congress as well. We hope and wish that he leads a happy life ahead.

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