TSP Funds Bullish in July

The (TSP) funds had a much better July after a rather lukewarm performance in June.


Four of the five TSP funds ended up with net gains for the month of July. The TSP C Fund led the way with a 2.1 percent gain, followed closely by the TSP I Fund with a 2.08 percent gain.

The TSP F Fund ended July up 0.74 percent, and the TSP G Fund squeaked through with a 0.19 percent gain. Only the TSP S Fund was down a small 0.12 percent.

Year-to-date, the top gainer was the TSP I Fund which showed an impressive gain of 8.73 percent. The TSP C Fund managed a YTD gain of 3.39 percent.

The TSP S Fund may have been the only one that lost momentum in July, but it still has a YTD gain of 4.83 percent, and it’s climbed a whopping 11.28 percent in the past 12 months. The TSP C Fund likewise has climbed 11.29 percent in the past 12 months, while the I Fund showed no net change in the last 12 months and is essentially still in the same place where it was.

TSP Funds Show Steady Growth For The Year

TSP fund investors looking for clues about which way the funds are heading and how fast should take a look at the markets and indices. For example, the C Fund is based on the S&P Index which has been pretty steady this year, relatively speaking.

The TSP G Fund, which was recently saved from legislation that would have reduced returns for investors, is likewise going steady with a 1.15 percent YTD gain.

If the trend continues and the stock markets and Congress don’t mess up, expect the TSP funds to continue showing steady but not stunning gains for the second half of the year and the entire year.

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