TSP Returns Are Lower

TSP Returns Are Lower

The TSP returns are lower for the most part, but they still showed some positivity in October.

Even though none of the funds charged by the Thrift Savings Plan showed negative returns in October, only three funds since September been recorded to have experienced any exponential growth.

The highest increase was almost 0.55 percent, bringing it into the black at 0.07 percent and has since then remained (as disclosed by fixed-income index investment F fund). The C fund from the S&P index, based on stocks, posted the highest returns from September at 2.33 percent, up 0.27 percent.

A low-risk-low-reward investment on Treasury securities, also known as the G fund, continued crawling upward and it was able to gain about 0.02 percent in September, summing to a total of 0.19 percent in October on returns.

The small-cap stocks S fund experienced a decline (the biggest of all) as it fell from 4.26 percent to 1.41 percent. However, it still commands the highest returns at 25.68 percent over the last year.

Also, there has been a sharp rise in international stocks, coming in at almost a full percentage point. This has caused its returns move up to 22.15 percent. Almost all the TSP lifecycle funds experienced a slight drop in October. L 2050 experienced the biggest drop with 0.51 percent decrease, although it still managed to come up with the highest return at 1.63 percent while L Income experienced the smallest hit, falling by 0.06 percent.

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