TSP S Fund Shows on Top

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The stock market performed well for investors this past July. The Dow Jones average was up by over four percent for the month. The S&P 500 (the index by which the C fund is based) rose 3.1% over the month, while the Nasdaq went up 1.6%.

July’s Highest Performing TSP Fund

There were positive returns for all of the Thrift Savings Plans (TSPs) in July.

July Shows C Fund on Top and S Fund on Top for Twelve Consecutive Months

With a return of 3.72%, the C fund came out on top. With 17.46%, the S fund has been leading all fund for the past twelve months.

On top of all TSP funds with a 7.91% return for the year-to-date is The S fund. Next comes the C fund showing a 6.45% return for the year-to-date (YTD).

If you would like to review historical information about the annual rate of return for funds, you can visit TSPDataCenter.com. You can also find the rate of return for each fund by month for each year at TSPDataCenter.com.

How TSP Participants Can Distribute Their Investments

Participants will find the highest long-term returns with stocks as opposed to bonds. The negative to this broad explanation is that there may be times when stocks fall but bonds do not. For instance, from 2001-2003, stocks plummeted.

The C fund fell for three years in a row:

  •     -9.14% in 2000
  •     -11.94% in 2001
  •     -22.05% in 2002


The G fund went up during the same three years:

  •    6.42% in 2000
  •     5.39% in 2001
  •     5% in 2002


Undoubtedly, G fund investors were feeling positively regarding their decision to invest more money into the G fund and less into stocks. There were, of course, unexpected events in the midst of this stock downturn, The World Trade Center Bombing. Events such as these are obviously not common, but can and do happen.

Thirteen out of the following fifteen years, the C fund finished on top of the G fund, some by an extensive amount.

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