Contractor’s Employees Working For Federal Government to get 7 Sick Leaves Annually?

It seems that the Obama Administration is trying to be there for contractor’s employees working for the federal government in sickness and in health. President Obama had passed a bill to allow contractors and subcontractors’ workers who are on a government project to get a 7 day leave every year. It will be their sick leave and would benefit over 1 million people.

federal governmentImplementation of Bill regarding Sick Leave of Contractor’s Employees Working for Federal Government

As the bill that helps contractor’s employees working for federal government get more leaves has been signed by President Obama in the form of an Executive order in last September, now the Department of Labor is finalizing it so that it can be implemented. The final rule in expected to go into effect on January 1. 2017. The rule makes it clear that every federal contractor and subcontractor must give up to 7 days of sick leave to all their people who are working on federal contracts. The Department of Labor is also taking into account the comments from workers unions, worker advocates, employers, business associations and small businesses.

The Beneficiaries

It is pertinent to mention here that the additional paid leaves would benefit 1.15 million people who are working on federal contracts. It includes about 600,000 employees who don’t have access to any kind of paid sick leave yet. As per the new rule, the workers who are eligible for it will earn one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours they have worked on a federal contract that is covered. It can go up to 56 hours in a year or even at any point of time.

The Key Aspects

The key aspects of the new rule are listed over here.

  • This bill would allow eligible workers to use the paid sick leave for any health care needs they have or the health care needs of their family members.
  • It would also enhance the health and performance of the federal contractors. It is also supposed to bring benefits package offered by the contractors at the level of leading firms to ensure that the contractors can find the best talent.
  • The bill would also play a key role in protecting public health by reducing the transmission of illnesses in the workplace. If a sick employee is on leave, he or she won’t be able to transmit diseases to the co-workers or clients.
  • Another vital benefit of this bill for contractor’s employees working for federal government is that the bill responds to the employer’s concerns by making sure that there is coordination with the existing paid time off policies.

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