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February 23, 2024

Federal Employee Retirement and Benefits News

Federal Employee Leads: Helping Federal Employees’ Finances

Helping Federal Employees Maximize Their Retirement and Benefits

Federal Employee Leads


If you are a financial professional who has expertise in federal employee benefits, then you may be eligible for introductions to federal employee leads that have contacted  PSR connects well-trained and licensed insurance agents with federal employees who are looking for information.


When there is a significant lack of information on how they can maximize their retirement benefits, most federal employees end up making the wrong retirement decisions. was developed to ensure that federal employees nearing retirement are well informed about the best retirement plans. has a team of experts that provide investment advice for federal and postal employees.  The quality of life that federal retirees live, as well as their financial security, depends on the type of investment advice they receive before leaving federal service. sets itself apart with its quality service and carefully curated news and information.


This site is designed to meet the specific needs of each professional organization, union, postal agency, or federal agency. Experts connected to PSR include knowledgeable financial professionals that specialize in retirement benefits and former Federal Human Resources professionals. carefully selects financial professionals to receive federal employee leads.  Experts have a good understanding of existing retirement plans and how they can be adopted by federal and postal employees. Public Sector Retirement Educators (PSRE) is represented in more than 20 states and is considered to be one of the largest organizations that offer retirement training services for federal employees.



Retirement Training Workshops offered by PSRE


As mentioned earlier, the organization offers traditional classroom training to ensure that there is direct interaction with customers. This training makes it possible for educators to understand the specific needs of each prospect. The following are some of the training workshops provided by PSRE;


  • Customized sessions based on specific requests
  • Personal 1-on-1 Coaching and Benefit Analysis
  • 3-Day Retirement Training
  • Full-Day Retirement Training
  • ‘Lunch and Learn’ Sessions
  • 2-Day Retirement Training
  • Half-Day Retirement Training Session
  • 90-Minute Retirement Overview


The training programs are meant to ensure that federal employees have a detailed understanding of the available federal retirement benefits and in the process make solid financial decisions concerning their future. The Federal Benefits Consultants are well trained to ensure that they are conversant with all the significant aspects of federal employee retirement and have earned the right to’s federal employee leads.  Federal employees get an opportunity to ask questions and make all the necessary inquiries about retirement to ensure that they make informed decisions when it comes to selecting retirement plans.


The organization continually updates its curriculum to ensure that the training meets the current market standards. Public Sector Retirement Educators (PSRE) has professional affiliates to ensure that federal retirees have a high standard of living once they leave public service. The distribution of educational material and the PSRE curriculum is done through web-based educational programs, webinars, and live workshops, and most of the workshops target federal employees that are nearing retirement.


How Works


Public Sector Retirement (PSR) is not affiliated with any government agency, and all the information and financial advice provided is not personalized. In other words, the topics covered by PSRE are subject to further analysis as they are not considered to be a complete analysis. A change in market conditions might force some of the content to be altered as the authors express their opinions based on the conditions at the time of posting. As a result, federal employees are advised not implement any of the strategies suggested on the website before consulting a professional advisor. provides some legal and tax information, but federal employees cannot use it as final tax and legal advice. For specific tax and legal issues, customers are advised to consult tax professionals and attorneys. The website provides links for customers for them to access the required materials within the shorts time possible.


All the websites, products, services and information that are not linked to the website’s services can be used by customers, but the organization is not liable for any possible problems. BWM Advisory, LLC has some stake in the company, and that is why the website is only responsible for professionals that are BWM affiliated and licensed. provides federal employees with information on a wide range of insurance products including Life and Disability insurance products as well as annuity products.

Not affiliated with The United States Office of Personnel Management or any government agency

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