USPS Life Insurance For Postal Employees Through FEGLI

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 USPS Life Insurance For Postal Employees Through FEGLI

USPS life insurance for Service employees is provided through the Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) Program.

The USPS will pay 100 percent of the cost of your Basic life insurance cover, and you pay 100 percent of the cost of optional insurance components.

Basic life insurance through FEGLI is equal to your salary rounded up to the next even thousand, plus two thousand dollars. Unless you explicitly waive it, new Postal Service employees automatically get signed up for Basic FEGLI life insurance cover without having to go through a physical or face any other eligibility issues.

 FEGLI Options For USPS Employees & LiteBlue

FEGLI options include FEGLI Option A, Option B and Option C. FEGLI Option A – Standard provides additional coverage of $10,000. FEGLI Option B allows Postal Service employees to add coverage equaling up to five units or multiples of your annual rate of basic pay.


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