Federal Government Bans Hoverboards

Explosion of Hoverboards has forced the federal government to ban them officially. Hoverboards, which were a big trend in 2015 are now officially dead until the manufacturers adopt the strict guidelines when manufacturing it. Some online retailers have indirectly shown support to this move by removing hoverboards from its website but the manufacturers are still not clear on what course of action they should take.
federal government bans

Why Federal Government Intervened?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently received 52 complaints regarding faulty hoverboards. The hoverboards that were reported often caught fire or exploded suddenly. The reports were not limited to one or two states but it were segregated among 24 states. In a few severe cases, an automotive and 2 homes were damaged a lot. When one looks at the fact that these incidents cost about 2 million in property damage, the intervention of federal government seems vital.

What the CPSC is doing?

The CPSC has taken immediate action on these reports and conducted quality checks on various hoverboards available in the market. The result of these quality checks was not satisfactory and hence the CPSC recently announced that no hoverboard that is being sold in the market today is safe.

The CPSC also laid out several new safety standards and made it mandatory for all the manufacturers, retailers and importers to follow them. If the safety standards are not followed, the federal government will use its power to seize the faulty hoverboards and put a fine of the company that’s involved. This was made clear by Robert Howell CPSC’s deputy executive director.

Why the Hoverboards Exploded?

For those people who don’t know what hoverboards are, they are self balancing scooters that have a lot of attraction in the minds of youth. The reason behind the explosion was that these hoverboards had defective lithium-ion batteries that are manufactured cheap in China. The factories where they are created are unregulated so they get the liberty to create batteries that have a track record of self-combustion.

Retailers Letting Go of Hoverboards

As soon as the CPSC cleared its stand on cheap hoverboards and people realized that the federal government has banned the danger prone hoverboards, many retailers stopped selling them. According to reports major retailers such as Amazon have removed most of hoverboards from their websites. In December last year, Amazon removed almost 97% of the hoverboards from its website. Amazon is also offering full refunds to customers who had bought the faulty hoverboards.

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