FERS or the Federal Employee Retirement System is the retirement system applicable to the employees that fall under the US civil service. Its inception can be dated back to January 1, 1987 when it replaced the CSRS.


Planning for Retirement in Five Years by Ron Raffino

Tips from Ron Raffino for Those Planning on Retiring in Five Years

retirement benefitsYou must have heard that it’s never too late to start planning, but have you heard it’s never too early to start planning? In fact, the earlier you … Read More

Getting the FERS Flu before Retirement? by David Fielder

David Fielder discusses retirement maximization strategies such as the FERS Flu.

I get asked about getting the FERS Flu be soon-to-be retirees at most retirement seminars. It’s a good question and if you call Shared Services and ask … Read More

Does the Federal Employees’ Retirement System Have a Downside? by Nelson Secretario

Nelson Secretario investigates the potential downsides of the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS)

fers - nelson secretarioIf you’re a federal employee who is enrolled in FERS (the Federal Employees’ Retirement System), then you are probably well aware of the many benefits that … Read More

Calculating the FERS Supplement by Paul Kalra

A Lesson on Calculating the FERS Supplement by Paul Kalra

FERS Paul KalraThere are many FERS annuitants who are able to retire prior to the age of 62, and who are eligible for the SRS (Special Retirement Supplement). You can meet such … Read More

Getting Started Early for a Successful Retirement by Kevin Wirth

Kevin Wirth Explains How to Get Started Early for a Successful Retirement

Kevin Wirth

Kevin D. Wirth – Retirement Expert

Nearly everyone dreams about the day they can retire. Regardless of whether you plan to hike in the mountains, relax on the … Read More

Federal Employees May Get a Social Security Boost

A WEP provision of the old Civil Service Retirement System has been reducing the benefits of many federal employees. A new bill was introduced by Republican leader Kevin Brady to change the WEP provision. If the change is successful, it … Read More

Are you a TSP user? Here is everything you need to know

The Thrift Savings Plan, more commonly known as TSP is one of the most used and probably the greatest investment programs available to the federal employees and retirees. In this article, we intend to cover all the … Read More

TSP Board May Need More Funding

The Thrift Savings Plan, or TSP Board may need more funding for the fiscal year 2016. The main reasons behind it are the cyber security upgrades and the external audits. Another reason is due to the increasing membership. The board … Read More

Know the actual value of a FERS and TSP annuity

When we say that the majority of the federal officers will not have a million dollars (or more) in their TSP Accounts when they retire, we back our statement with facts. Researchers have revealed that only .5 percent of all … Read More

Figuring Out Your Federal Retirement Annuity by Jeff Boettcher

Figuring Out Your Federal Retirement Annuity by Jeff Boettcher, AIF

Jeff Boettcher

Jeff Boettcher

Having a plan for retirement is a must. This is because simply saving for the future, without any knowledge of what you will have available in terms of … Read More

Understanding the Federal Employees Retirement System by Jeff Boettcher

Federal Employees Retirement System information by Jeff Boettcher


Jeff Boettcher

Jeff Boettcher

FERS, or the Federal Employees Retirement System, is the retirement program that is set up specifically for those who work within the United States civil service. This system … Read More

Can federal employees get phased retirement

We all know that the Moving Ahead for Progress program authorized the phased retirement program but are the federal employees of the US eligible to apply for it and eventually enjoy its benefits? In 2014, the office of personnel management Read More

Making the Most of TSP Contributions by Paul Kalra

Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Advice from Paul Kalra

Paul Kalra

Paul Kalra, CFP, ChFC, CLU

If you are a FERS (Federal Employees Retirement System) employee who contributes to the TSP (Thrift Savings Plan) each year, there are some important things

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Things to know about federal retirement and taxes

phased federal retirement

[Photo credit: Lending Memo]

If you are a servant of the federal government, then there is nothing you would look forward to more than achieving your federal retirement and enjoy the benefits that follow. The road towards retirement isn’t … Read More

Want to recapture FERS service via redeposits? Here’s how!

fersRe-deposits have been allowed by the contemporary employees of the FERS since late 2009 so we can’t really say that it’s going to be news to many people. These employees include those that left government and withdrew their retirement contributions. … Read More

Retiring in 2016; These Tax Traps Are To Be Avoided

2016 promises to be a year during which state and federal income taxes are not going to stay constant. If you are planning to retire during this year, then there are some tax traps for you to avoid.Read More

The Results Are In! Government Has Failed To Properly Train Federal Employees

 The results are in! Less than 20% of Federal Employees are satisfied with the retirement training they have received. -75% report receiving no training at all.

Nearly 1 Million Federal Employees were asked to participate in the 2015 … Read More

Downsides To FERS

fersFERS employees have some good retirement benefits but apart from that, they have some hidden negative features that only become visible when the retirement process has got initiated and they start making use of the funds. According to FERS, as … Read More

How a Social Security and a Supplement Differ

social securityThere is a certain set of benefits that only the federal employees get; not all of them but the ones that come under the protective umbrella of the Federal Employees Retirement system. People with a history in government and a … Read More

Court Orders OPM to Restore Blind Vet’s FERS Disability Benefits

Court Orders OPM to Restore Blind Vet’s FERS Disability Benefits

benefitsA federal judge in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia has ordered the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to restore the Federal Employees Retirement Read More