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February 23, 2024

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Author Agreement

Public Sector Retirement, LLC (PSR) ‘Contributor’ Criteria


Public Sector Retirement News only permits a limited number of high quality authors to contribute to the news channel.


Writing for PSR


Do you have expertise on topics affecting federal agencies and federal employees? Do you have information, an opinion, or an article that you believe would be of beneficial interest to the federal community?


If you have an article you would like to submit to us, fill out the form below and submit it along with your article to be considered for publication.  We welcome the submission of articles written by guest authors who have expert knowledge and experience in the federal community.


PSR reserves the right to publish or reject any article submission at our sole discretion. Furthermore, PSR reserves the right to remove access or otherwise restrict any Contributors access to the site while also editing or removing existing Contributor content, with or without explanation.


Requirements of Submissions;


  1. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions for Writing for PSR.
  2. Submission of “test” article. Only those articles and authors determined at the sole discretion of PSR will be permitted to have their work published.
  3. Information and News articles only;
    1. Articles that are simply advertisements/promotions for a product or service, are not relevant to our readers, are poorly worded or contain numerous grammatical and punctuation errors, or are deemed to be lacking in enough substance to warrant publishing will be rejected at the sole discretion of PSR.
  4. Reputation and validity of author;
    1. Anonymous work will be rejected.
    2. Only work written by authors who have demonstrated experience and/or knowledge in matters of importance to the federal community will be considered.
    3. Professional designations and professional background are considered important to our readers and are therefore considered important to PSR.
      1. At the sole discretion of PSR, those authors who lack certain professional backgrounds or designations may be subject to additional scrutiny before being allowed to author work on PSR.
    4. Some additional criteria used by PSR to determine whether or not to include a prospective author as a Contributor or to publish Contributor’s work are:
      1. Background
      2. Education
  • Perceived reputation
  1. Content knowledge
  2. Professionalism
  3. Uniqueness of any one of the criteria mentioned above


PSR Reserves the right to accept or reject any author or Contributor at our sole discretion and without any explanation to the submitter or any other party. 


Benefits of Writing for (PSR)


  1. You can create more visibility for yourself and your business through an optional byline.
  2. You can promote your business and build credibility if you choose to do so.
  3. Write on your schedule – publishing with PSR allows you to write when you are ready, with no minimum submission requirements.


Featured Authors


*Some authors have paid Financial Media and Marketing, LLC, the editor of, to publish their article.


  1. If you are selected to become a Featured Author for PSR there are certain criteria that must be met.
    1. Featured Authors must submit high-quality and relevant articles.
    2. Articles must be submitted consistently (minimum of 1 per month).
    3. Should you become a Featured Author you are offered the following additional benefits:
    4. You can choose to have your photo displayed along with your articles.
    5. At your request, we can set up an author page for you on the PSR site with a listing of your articles and your bio.


Terms and Conditions for Writing for Public Sector Retirement, LLC


PSR welcomes submission of guest articles not to exceed 2000 words. By submitting any article for the consideration of being published on PSR, you hereby agree to the following terms and conditions:


  • You certify that you hold the copyright in the submitted article.
  • You retain the copyright in the submitted article.
  • You are solely responsible for the content of your article.
  • You agree that you will not use your article as an advertising outlet for a product or service without the express written consent of PSR.
  • You represent that the work is based on facts that you personally have verified, is not libelous or slanderous, is yours alone, and does not infringe upon another’s copyright. If the content of your article or your copyright is challenged, you are solely responsible for handling the challenge and you hereby indemnify and hold and Public Sector Retirement, LLC along with its affiliates, executives and/or employees harmless from any liability resulting from any such challenge.
  • You hereby give permission for us to publish your article on the site or affiliate sites, subject to the site’s stated terms and conditions as well as to the provisions of this page.
  • PSR has sole discretion whether or not to publish your article, with or without explanation to you.
  • PSR has the right to edit your article.
  • PSR will not pay royalties, expenses, or any other compensation for your article.
  • If it is deemed by a Court of competent jurisdiction that PSR must pay a royalty, you agree that this royalty cannot exceed $.01 (one-cent) per year.
  • If your article is published on PSR, PSR may, at its sole discretion, identify you as the author of the article and PSR may also, at its sole discretion, publish your article without giving you any authorship credit whatsoever. Should PSR decide to remove your authorship credit you acknowledge that PSR may, at its sole discretion, continue to make your content available to its readers without any recompense or explanation to you whatsoever.
  • You acknowledge that you are not relying upon any representation, whether verbal or otherwise, except for what is expressly covered within this document, as it pertains to your article submission(s) to PSR.
  • PSR may, at its sole discretion, include your contact information so that readers may contact you directly.
  • You may post a link on another web site, which links directly back to your article on the site. However, any such links may not be framed within the design of the originating web site.
  • Any links to a website owned or run by you MUST be accompanied by a reciprocal link from that website to that can be indexed and followed (you hereby agree to the PSR Reciprocal Linking Agreement).



By submitting an article for PSR to consider publishing on the site, you hereby agree to the terms and conditions outlined above.



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