Medical Marijuana is a boon for Baby Boomers in Retirement: Research

A new research has proven that the decision of many states to approve medical marijuana is beneficial for baby boomers in retirement. The productivity and the hours worked per week by the individuals increased after marijuana was legalized as … Read More

Woman Pleads Guilty to Multiple Social Security Scams

A woman living in Allenstown has pleaded guilty to two Social Security Frauds along with two counts of Theft of Public Money. She received social security benefits for her child but did not disclose that her full time working husband … Read More

False Data on Health Insurance Forms Identified

A recent report has stated that a good number of people are lying about their smoking habits in order to attain more benefits from their health insurance. This situation is a complicated one as there is no law to … Read More

Federal government and the 7 trillion pension problem

We have talked long and hard about the fact that the US government hasn’t got enough money to give to retirees. Moody which is a credit rating agency has said that the federal government and the local, state … Read More

Retirement Benefits Shortfall Can Be a Scary Reality

A release generated by Moody’s, a renowned credit agency recently revealed that the US government has fewer funds than the required amount to pay off the retirees. Apart from the retirement benefits like FEHB, other programs like Medicare program … Read More

Theranos lab is a jeopardy to patient safety, says the Government

theranosThe Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services has always been vigilant in making judgements about various medical centers across the country and recently they have ruled the Theranos Facility in Newark, California is posing an “immediate jeopardy to the safety … Read More

Things to know about federal retirement and taxes

phased federal retirement

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If you are a servant of the federal government, then there is nothing you would look forward to more than achieving your federal retirement and enjoy the benefits that follow. The road towards retirement isn’t … Read More

Here’s What You Need to Know About Social Security in 2016

Social security changes considerably over the span of a full year. While it did see stark changes throughout most of 2015, it’s expected to do the same with the start of the New Year. Claiming options are going … Read More

Leaders Seek Emergency Payment to Offset No COLA Increase

COLA increase 2016


The Internal Revenue Service and Social Security Administration confirmed that the Cost of Living (COLA) in the United States did not increase enough to justify an increase in the COLA for Medicare. There will also be no compensation for … Read More


open seasonThere are two Open Seasons going on almost simultaneously – Medicare and Federal Employees Health Benefits.  Don’t get refused – Medicare Open Season runs from October 15 – December 7, 2015.  Federal Health Benefits Open Season run from November … Read More

Medicare Premiums to Rise for Some Retirees

Medicare Premiums to Rise for Some Retirees

medicare premiumsOn Monday, November 1, President Obama signed legislation that averts what, for many federal retirees, would have been a very large increase in their Medicare Part B insurance premiums. Instead of facing a … Read More

Federal Employees Could Face Higher Medicare Premiums

Rising Medicare Costs

MedicareA law fluke could cause a price hike in Medicare costs for individuals receiving federal retirement benefits. This hike could affect several hundred thousand retired federal employees. The law fluke conspiring with low inflation rates could see … Read More

Older People and Work

Do older people work to survive or because they want to stay in the game?

I believe the answer is YES to both.  In our society we segment people often without giving it much thought.  There are older people in … Read More

Health Care and Retirement

Health Care and Retirement

healthWhen we talk about all of the things that might change for us in retirement we know that health care is right up there at the top.  As we advance in years, health care is all Read More

Health: How is Yours?

How is your health?

I hope your health is good.  healthThere is one way to make sure you stay healthy in retirement – have regular visits to your health care providers.  If you are going to have those regular visits, … Read More

Are All Nursing Homes The Same

Are Nursing Homes All the Same?

Nursing HomesThere are nursing homes that are certified by Medicaid or Medicaid certified nursing facilities.  These facilities generally are of three types:  long-term care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation services.  Rehabilitation services provide care for persons … Read More

Nursing Homes and Your Assets

Your Assets with Nursing Homes

Nursing HomesIt is estimated that 70% of Americans will need long-term care at some point in their lifetime.

Choosing to put a family member into a facility outside of their home carries a high emotional as … Read More

Retirement Planning: Critical Ages

Critical Ages for Retirement Planning

Retirement PlanningIt is a personal decision to decide when to retire but there are some age-based considerations that will help to guide federal and postal employees when planning and making retirement decisions. Retirement planning can never Read More

An Economically Changing World

Economically Changing World

EconomicallyThe world is changing.   As Federal and Postal employees we face more economic challenges today than the majority of the current workforce has ever witnessed.  The hardships of the Great Depression, we either read about in textbooks Read More

Suspending My FEHB

What Happens If I drop of suspend my FEHB – Can I Ever Get it Back?

FEHBThat’s a good question and one that is extremely valuable in planning for a comfortable and secure retirement.  When you get the information needed Read More