or the office of personnel management is an organization that manages the records of of federal employees including but not restricted to all the retirement applications and processes.


Mistakes People Make While Picking the Best Date to Retire

One of the most common realities of retirement is that you have the responsibility of picking the best date to retire. You may seek help in deciding when you will opt for FERS retirement. To help you out, we … Read More

Agencies Relying on only a few Hiring Authorities for the Recruitment of Federal Employees

The federal agencies are not taking help of many hiring authorities available to it. They are hiring federal employees by making use of only a few authorities. The agencies are mostly using competitive examining authority. They are not even mapping … Read More

Avoid Thrift Savings Plan Withdrawal Penalties

Federal Employees can be subject to a 10 percent Thrift Savings Plan withdrawal penalties if they wish to access their funds prior to 59 1/2 years old can be subject to a 10 percent penalty. To avoid TSP withdrawal penalties … Read More

Federal Employee Benefits and Early Federal Retirement

Considering Early Federal Retirement?  You should know what happens to your benefits when you retire before you are eligible for your full benefit package?

People often wonder about the best date to retire so that they can avail maximum federal … Read More

Federal Employees Spill the names of best Employee Engagement Agencies in the FEVS Survey

The results of the FEVS survey conducted on federal employees by the OPM are out. It has mentioned which large and small agencies are at the top with regard to employee engagement. It also revealed which small agencies are at … Read More

Federal Employees May not have to Wait Long for Security Clearance in the Future

A recent report says that federal employees may not have to wait long for security clearance in the future. The OPM is working hard to ensure that a new system is put in place that makes security clearance a … Read More

Cheaper Law School is added to Federal Employee Benefits

There is some good news for feds who wish to pursue a law degree as cheaper law school is added to federal employee benefits now. The benefit would be applicable for all the federal workers and their spouses. The feds … Read More

OPM Looking to Update Retirement and Benefits IT Systems

OPM is trying to control the ever increasing retirement benefits claims processing backlog by seeking a vendor who can update the Retirement and Benefits IT Systems in such a manner which ensures that the ever increasing backlog is minimized. The … Read More

OPM is seeking Nominations for the Civil Service Awards Program

OPM has begun the process of seeking nominations for the civil service awards program. It has sent a memo to all the agencies. In the memo, the agencies are asked to file only the most eligible nominations so that the … Read More

Senior Executive Service Hiring to be stopped by OPM

OPM has recently announced that a hiring freeze has been imposed on Senior Executive Service. It will only apply to agencies that have non-termed political appointees has their heads. This freeze happens every time there is a presidential change … Read More

Federal Employees of DC area to get an off on Inauguration Day

OPM has just announced that the federal employees who are working in the DC area would get a leave on Inauguration day. The agency has also released the holiday list for the next 3 years. It believes that federal employees … Read More

Federal Employees to get Better Awards for Good Performance

The Obama administration has offered an early holiday gift to almost all the federal employees. It has increased the amount the agencies can pay to a fed as an award for achieving something extraordinary. It was added that the … Read More

OPM shares Federal Employees Benefits Survey Results

OPM asked the federal employees to share their views on the benefits they are receiving via a survey that was conducted in late 2015 and early 2016. The agency has recently shared the results of this survey. It tried to … Read More

OPM Says More Federal Employees Teleworked in 2015

OPM recently highlighted that the number of federal employees who telework has increased in 2015 when compared on a year on year basis. It was also highlighted that agencies need to assess the telework positions regularly so that participation can … Read More

What Happened to the OPM’s Efforts to Hire Hispanic Federal Employees?

A recent report has revealed that OPM’s efforts of hiring Hispanic federal employees might not have led to amazing results but the efforts have not backfired either. There have been improvements in many areas like recruitment and retention. The report … Read More

OPM’s Pending Retirement Benefits Claims Grow Again

The Office of Personnel Management seems to be constantly losing and winning the crucial battle of processing the retirement benefits claims of people. Sometimes it seems that the agency is processing more claims than it receives which boosts the confidence … Read More

OPM’s Guidelines for Federal Employees on Election Day

OPM has issued guidelines for federal employees voting privileges. It states that most employees should be able to vote after their duty hours are over. It also mentions special provisions for employees who are unable to vote after their duty … Read More

OPM Bats for Better Work-Life Balance of Federal Employees

OPM is helping federal employees to have a better work-life balance. It has taken several initiatives in this regard. The first step is to offer various programs that ensure a great work life balance and the second is to ensure … Read More

Agencies Making Loads of Mistakes While Preparing Retirement Applications

A committee has highlighted that many of the government agencies are making a lot of mistakes while preparing retirement applications. It suggests that OPM should guide the agencies in this regard and the agencies should also follow the suggestions … Read More

GAO Lists Benefits of Federal Employees Telework

Teleworking has become a common trend at the federal agencies and it’s highly beneficial too if the reports of Government Accountability Office are to be believed. But the GAO recently stated that there is not enough data on telework costs … Read More