Disability Retirement Myths

disability retirementIt’s instilled in the human nature (some experts believe) to take some facilities for granted, something that disabled persons know all too well. For instance, we take our health for granted and suppose that if are healthy and don’t carry any disease, it’s because that’s how life normally is. When however we spend some time on the hospital bed yawing with pain and failing to drink a glass of water all by ourselves, we realize that health is something of fascinating importance.

For the federal employees, there are certain sources of getting health related insurance money. The FERS disability retirement is something that comes to mind when you put the keywords of “health” and “federal government” together. There are certain myths about the program though that we thought needed some clearance. Here are those myths:

  1. Your medical condition must be work-induced to get disability retirement:

This is probably the biggest misconception present in the minds of many employees. The disability that you might have encountered must have been because of your work; and this is not only inclusive of injuries but rather other stress related conditions like depression, cancer or diabetes can also be considered eligible. ‘

2. You don’t need to be qualified for the SS disability:

You need to also apply for the social security disability while applying for the federal one. This is often considered unimportant because you don’t even need to get approved.

  • You can still be working:

This is a myth that is also often present. You don’t need to actually have stopped working to be eligible.

3.You don’t need to be completely disabled:

The last myth that is present in the federal minds is that a successful recipient needs to be completely disabled. However this is definitely not the case; even if you are able to walk and talk normally, you are still eligible if you have some other injury.


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