Ex Cons Can Now Get Hired Without Any Bias

ex consPresident Obama has always been one for making outright decisions whenever it comes to hard situations and he is going to do exactly that when he goes ahead and places a ban on the hiring bias that the ex cons of the country have to face. A renewed order is in place to be pushed forward by the President which is destined to diminish the effect of (if not completely eradicate) the political bias that the previously convicted people have to face during the recruitment process of the federal officers.

This is a step that many critics have applauded but as you would expect, the reviews are indeed completely polar. People are considering it a step in the right direction because this would mean that even if you have been convicted in the past, you wouldn’t have to check in on the box while signing your application paper. The checking of the option allowed employers to completely discredit the applications made by people who have paid their debt to the society and repented for their sins. This new ban would prohibit them for not even giving these people a second chance. This however can also lease to gravely severe circumstances because what if the person wasn’t the man who he claims to have become after serving his punishment? What if you find out that you hired an ex-convict only when it gets too late?

The plan is set to be revealed in front of the country within a few days and there have been some seriously good endorsements already made supporting the passing of this bill. Hilary Clinton has been the most recent supporter of the bill and there have been many others.

Here’s hoping that the committee considers all the aspects and effects of the bill before actually going ahead and passing it.

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