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How to use LiteBlue

To use LiteBlue and view your information, visit the website (  You will find the site by clicking HERE.  The site is maintained by the USPS as part of the United States Postal Service employee service extranet.   

You will need to fill in the required fields on the login screen (see below for visual instructions). You will also need several forms of identification in order to access USPS.

What You Will Need to access your account;

Your USPS employee ID number.

You can find your USPS Employee ID Number on any one of your earnings statements if you do not already know it.

Your USPS PIN number, which was given to you for access to PostalEASE., LiteBlue

Stay up to date on your USPS career development;

By navigating the menus on USPS site you will be able to stay up to date on your career and access other important information.

You can find information about your;

USPS Service performance,

Your Postal Employee benefits package and

USPS revenue.

Leave feedback on USPS.

If you have suggestions or need additional information, select the feedback option.


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