Trump Raised $6 million for Veterans

veteransTwo major veteran groups have announced this past week that they will indeed be accepting the money that has been raised by the campaign rally run by Donald Trump. The rally was staged after the candidate made the decision of skipping the latest GOP debate preceding the Iowa caucuses. While there was positive announcements, some skeptic veterans were reluctant to say “Aye”.

Veterans welcome Trump money:

The president of the DAVCST or the Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust was the one who made the announcement. He said that we have been explicitly reached out by the Donald Trump Foundation and have been told that there is a donation that’s aimed at providing the organization the funds that it direly needs. He further said that this could go a long way in making their bid towards ensuring complete health and benefits of the veterans a successful one.

This particular trust is a nonpartisan agency that is responsible for supporting psychological and physical rehabilitation programs that provide direct support to the veterans that have been injured for some reason or have a disability. Marbes did make it very clear in his statement that he or the agency is in no way related to the campaign run by the forth runner. He mentioned that he expects all the candidates to possess the same beliefs that they do and help us in any way they can.

This step is an indicative of good will from Donald Trump and it could instigate a series of related events where candidates will help and support agencies like DAVCST in their mission to help the servants of the nation

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