A Dip in TSP Funds in September

Most of the TSP funds’ performance was down last month, with only one fund experiencing a positive change over the months. The international stock index investment fund rose 2.82% from August to September. According to data released from the Thrift Saving Plan, the I Fund finished the month at 0.91%.

Amongst all the TSP funds, the most significant drop over the months was the small capitalization stock index investment fund, S Fund. It fell 6.33% and finished the month at -1.76%.

While the fixed income index investment fund (F Fund) finished September at -0.62%, the common stock index investment fund (C Fund) finished at 0.57%.
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According to the TSP data, the low-risk Treasury-backed government securities investment fund fell from 0.02% for August to 0.24% for September. The G fund usually experiences the least variation.

All five of the TSP’s lifestyle funds have had negative gains over the months. The smallest drop among them was the L Income fund while the most significant decline was the L 2050 fund. The L 2050 fund dropped from 1.65% in August to 0.21% in September.

Year-to-date, the small-cap stock index has performed the strongest and the fixed income index investment fund has been the weakest. Year-to-year, the G Fund is the only one that saw a positive gain from its August performance in September.

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