A Third of the Feds are Expected to Leave Their Jobs

From Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey findings, it shows that almost a third of employees have the desire to leave their jobs, while half think about changing positions within the government, compared to leaving it.

Those thinking about taking another job within the federal government is around 18 percent, which is 4 percent above those thinking to leave for employment outside the government. There is another 6 percent that is anticipating retirement and 5 percent considering leaving for their own reasons; few will quit for reasons that are not related to retirement.

OPM’s report termed this as an interesting finding, with those expressing their intent to leave having an average of 50 in engagement index score and those intending to remain scored an average of 76. The index is composed of response to questions regarding senior leadership, supervisors, and their intrinsic work experience with the government-wide score average being 68.
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From separate questions that were inquired about regarding their retirement plan, 4 percent responded that they expected to retire within a year, 10 percent was between one and three years, 11 percent ranged from three and five years, and the remaining was over five years.

About 4 percent of the federal workforce retirees in the following year would be maintaining their recent year’s annual retirement rates among non-postal employees.