How Federal or Postal Workers Can Keep Confidence When Applying for Disability

There are two (perhaps even three) meanings to the phrase, “keep confidence.” For the first meaning, it means to not share information with other people and maintain some confidentiality of the information. The second meaning could be to have a level of confidence; believing in the success of the endeavor. For the third meaning, it could be both of these.


Simply put: it’s important to have some level of confidence while believing the endeavor (goal) you are working toward will be successful – that everything about that goal is kept private.


This is what an attorney-client relationship needs to have. From the time of the first phone call about a case, confidence in keeping the information private is a necessity. People must feel secure that their information and case are not shared with others outside the circle. Should the case move forward, you must have confidence that it will be successful.


Both parts are necessary to ensure a successful resolution for the outcome, even if there were some instances of uncertainty.


U.S. postal workers and federal employees that suffer from a medical condition that prevents them from carrying out essential components of their job, they should have confidence that the information they share remains private.  This is because they have numerous elements working against them.

-The employee’s agency Human Resource Department often shares sensitive data, which weighs heavily in favor of

-Medical problems should only be discovered to people in the “must-know” positions.

-Sensitive decisions about the employee’s health, working status, and future should stay private and only with those who must know.


Keeping that confidence is extremely important for both instances. The one thing federal or postal employees can feel secure about is that anything shared with their attorney who is filing for their client’s Federal Disability Retirement benefits with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management is kept in confidence – no matter how that meaning is implied.

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