Better TSP Cyber Security Needed

TSP cyber security breaches have been a nightmare for the federal government for several years now and the TSP or Thrift Savings Plan Board, Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board, is not unfazed by it. But a recent audit report says … Read More

Biggest OPM Hack Compromising Federal Employees Data Was Avoidable

A recent report has stated that the attack on OPM was avoidable. The agency knew that it was being targeted and yet failed to secure the millions of federal employees data. The report also says that the agency failed to … Read More

Federal Employees Say Agencies are Using Big Data Analytics for Cyber-Security

A recent report has highlighted that the federal employees opine that their agencies are using big data to ensure better cyber security. Many agencies still have to deal with cyber attacks as they are unable to analyze full data. Some … Read More

DHS to Make Federal Employees’ Electronic Devices more Secure

The Department of Homeland Security is focused on making the mobiles and other electronic devices of the federal employees safer and secure. The department is doing so after getting a mandate from the lawmakers a few months back. The department … Read More

OPM Creates Strategies to Retain Cyber Security Federal Employees

As OPM and other federal agencies are facing some problems in hiring and retaining federal employees who are experts in cyber security, OPM has created the Federal Cybersecurity Workforce Strategy to deal with the problem. The strategy aims to increase … Read More

OPM Offers Cyber Security Tips to Federal Employees

OPM is still correcting the mistakes it made that led to two massive cyber security breaches last year. The agency recently directed all the federal employees to take some measures to ensure their cyber security remains intact like changing their … Read More

New Updates on Chicago’s Retirement Benefits Accounts Breach

A few days back we reported how investigators were keen on finding the culprit of retirement benefits accounts. The retirement benefits accounts of the municipal workers were infringed and some money was stolen. Earlier, the investigation was leaning towards … Read More

Investigators Keen on Finding the Culprit of Retirement Benefits Accounts

The retirement benefits accounts of several municipal employees were breached recently. The breach was detected by the company managing the accounts. Some money was stolen from the accounts and the company returned it soon. The company has also intimated the … Read More

Many Federal Employees Believe Cyber Security is Still an Issue

It’s been a year since the cyber attack on OPM shook the entire nation. Unfortunately, the federal agencies are still not prepared to deal with the problem of cyber security in a perfect manner. Some federal employees think that the … Read More

OPM Cyber Security Breach Source Still Not Found

The federal government has still not found the source of the major OPM breach that revealed the data of over 20 million federal workers last year. The officials have hinted that the attack might have originated from China but have … Read More

Federal Government Cyber Security Still the Worst: Report

The federal government, state governments and even the local governments, still have the worst cyber security protocols when compared to the major private industries. The report also highlighted which agencies and sectors were the best performers and which … Read More

Federal Employees Don’t Trust Agencies’ Cyber Security

Federal employees don’t think that cyber security within federal agencies is up to the expected levels. This was revealed by a survey conducted by Dell. The survey also highlighted the fact that federal workers don’t feel that their data is … Read More

OPM Urges Agencies to Close Skill Gap

OPM Director, Beth Cobert is determined to close the skill gap across all government jobs. The agency has enlisted the assistance of Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCOs) in this regard. They are to create reports on how to … Read More

TSP Board May Need More Funding

The Thrift Savings Plan, or TSP Board may need more funding for the fiscal year 2016. The main reasons behind it are the cyber security upgrades and the external audits. Another reason is due to the increasing membership. The board … Read More

Federal Government Advises to Uninstall Apple’s QuickTime Program

Apple’s popular program QuickTime is now perceived as a threat by the federal government. The Department of Homeland Security suspects it can become a tool to hack a Windows computer. The DHS is urging people to uninstall it as … Read More

OPM Data Leak May Damage Census Response Rate

Commerce Chief Information Security Officer, Mr. Rod Turk recently stated that the OPM data breach of last year may severely affect the 2020 census. He also added that people may not participate in the census at all. The need for … Read More

Private sector studied by the TSP board for insight in cybersecurity

The office of Enterprise Risk Management of the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board has been in operation for around 3 years now and they have been really busy since their inception. Currently, they have decided to study the private sector … Read More

Federal Government Agencies Still Lagging Behind in Cyber Security

A report generated by the Office of Management and Budget has revealed that though many federal agencies are trying hard to ensure the security of information, the efforts are far from enough. It is being suggested that the federal governmentRead More


retirement benefitsClifton Triplett is the Cyber Advisor in the Office of Personnel Management. Mr. Triplett comes from SteelePointe Partners, a global management consulting company. In the wake of the cyber security attacks and the fingerprint theft of millions of federal workers … Read More