LiteBlue: What Postal employees should do on LiteBlue Before Retirement

What Postal employees should do on

Before Retirement and Separation

LiteBlueYour information that is currently available on LiteBlue will be gone after your separation. Once you leave service LiteBlue will no longer be available to you, so be sure to download the following list from LiteBlue so you can maintain your own records.


Before You Retire Access LiteBlue and Retain the Following Records


  • Your entire eOPF,
  • earnings statements in ePayroll,
  • W-2s in PostalEASE and
  • anything else you may want in the future


Periodically, postal employees will face challenges with OPM after retirement and will need these documents.  All of this can be found through your LiteBlue Account and should be downloaded and saved before your retirement.

To download your entire eOPF;

  • Click on “Access Personnel Folder Now!” and
  • Choose “Print Entire eOPF.” 
    • On the LiteBlue account, (Once the .PDF is generated you will be able to find it in a small box at the lower left corner of your LiteBlue screen.  You will want to save the .PDF to your computer and possibly save a printed copy for your records.


If eligible for an incentive payment;

Download PS Form 3077

  • Give your employing office the address where you want your incentive payment to be sent. 
  • The incentive agreement stipulates that eligible employees will complete PS Form 3077, Request to Forward Salary Check, and submit it to their employing office.
  • In the absence of a PS Form 3077, incentive payments will be mailed to the location where you last worked.

o   Download the PS Form 3077 Here

Update your address through LiteBlue. In the event you have difficulty with your LiteBlue account access, as some have, this would be another reason to submit PS Form 3077.


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