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When to Use the FEGLI Calculator

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When to Use the FEGLI Calculator

Federal EmployeeYou won’t often be called upon to calculate your coverage amount and premium for your Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) life insurance.

There are three reasons why Read More

Let’s Talk Federal Employee Life Insurance (FEGLI)

Federal Employees Life Insurance – FEGLI.

Federal Employee Life InsuranceThis is really great stuff.  Ever so often I talk about being inspired by a conversation or a question I have been asked.  I don’t know why I deserve so many flowers.  Each … Read More

Understanding Your FEGLI Coverage, by Todd Carmack

FEGLI CoverageAs a benefit counselor and retirement income specialist, I have come to realize that a lot of employees do not remember what they signed up for or understand their federal employee group life insurance (FEGLI) coverage.

Basic FEGLI Coverage

Basic … Read More

FEGLI – Option C


FEGLIWe are just about done.  We have discussed the terms of Basic Life Insurance, Option A-Standard Insurance and Option B- Additional Insurance.  Let’s continue with the discussion – FEGLI Option C –Family Insurance.
Many … Read More

FEGLI OPTION B – Additional Insurance

FEGLI: Option B – Additional Insurance

FEGLILet’s take our time in walking through the provisions of FEGLI Option B, which can be a bit more involved than Option A- Standard Insurance and Basic Life Insurance.  If you are considering Read More

FEGLI – 75% Reduction Election

FEGLI: 75% Reduction

FEGLIThere are some dates or time periods that are important when discussing FEGLI.  Although, we are clearly in the year 2014, I am still going to discuss dates prior in the event retirees or family members Read More


FEGLI: More Information

FEGLIEach time I think I have said enough about FEGLI, someone or something always reminds me that I have not, or at least I could be a bit clearer on certain aspects of FEGLI.
Over the … Read More

FEGLI – The Order of Precendence

FEGLI: Order of Precedence

FEGLINow that we have discussed how a death claim will be paid.  Let’s discuss to whom the death benefit will be paid.  The Federal Government uses what is termed an Order of Precedence.  The FEGLI Order Read More

FEGLI – The Extra Benefit

FEGLI  – The Extra Benefit

FEGLIWe have talked a lot about FEGLI and yet there are many aspects of the Federal Employees Group Life Insurance we still need to touch upon.  If we don’t hit upon every single aspect of Read More

FEGLI – Assignment

FEGLI Assignment

FEGLIFEGLI Assignment of Benefits – Employees can, as of a law passed in 1994, assign their FEGLI Basic, FEGLI Standard Optional and FEGLI Additional Optional life insurance to an individual, individuals, a corporation or an irrevocable trust.
Although … Read More

FEGLI – Conversion

FEGLI Conversion


FEGLIThe term conversion is when a policy is converted (changed) into another type of policy, i.e. from a group life insurance policy to an individual policy without undergoing a physical examination to qualify.  If you are a Read More

More About FEGLI – FEGLI Option C

FEGLI Option C

FEGLIIn previous articles we discussed Basic insurance and Options A and B and various FEGLI rates.  Now let’s talk about the third option under the Federal Employees Group Life Insurance – Option C.  Option C is … Read More

FEGLI – Option B

FEGLI – Option B


FEGLILet’s talk about Option B under the Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI).  Option B represents additional insurance of which you have the right to carry into retirement.  The value of your FEGLI Read More

FEGLI – Option A Standard

FEGLI Option A – Standard Insurance

FEGLIThe Federal Government offers 3 other insurance options and we’ll discuss each in separate posts.  Let’s begin with Option A- Standard Insurance.

You are entitled to continue your Option A into retirement.  Option A … Read More

FEGLI Options


In a previous post we discussed the group life insurance, FEGLI, offered by the Federal Government to its employees.  We talked about the Basic Life Insurance offered to federal employees.  Let’s reiterate, at retirement your Basic … Read More

FEGLI – Term vs. Whole Life Insurance

FEGLI: Term Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance – What’s the Difference?

FEGLIThis is a good segue to draw a distinction between term and whole life insurance.  There are a number of very important issues about FEGLI (watch the … Read More

FEGLI – Some Basic Facts

Basic FEGLI facts

Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) can be transported into retirement.  As with your Federal Employee Health Benefis (FEHB) each employee must meet the five year or earliest opportunity to enroll requirement to continue coverage … Read More

Let’s Talk FEGLI


FEGLIFEGLI (Federal Employees Group Life Insurance) is Group Term Life Insurance offered to Federal and Postal employees.  Federal and Postal Employees are offered a number of great benefits to help them take care of themselves and their families.

Life Read More