The Trend of Increased Out-of-Pocket Costs along with FEHB Insurance

The FEHBP, the biggest employer health insurance plan in the US, is supposed to cover 8.5 million individuals, including retirees, government workers, and their families. The primary benefit of the program was that it gives federal employees and retirees the peace of mind that they are shielded from expensive out-of-pocket medical expenses. 

But we are witnessing some changes in practices in the FEHB program. The employees or FEHB enrollees pay out-of-pocket costs for their health care regardless of their FEHB health insurance. According to an Employee Benefit Research Institute report, the recent trend in health insurance that has been a sore point for FEHB enrollees is rising out-of-pocket expenditures for healthcare services. Let me decipher more about the findings of Employee Benefits Research on Federal Employee and Retiree health benefits plans.

Increase in Insurance Premium Paid By FEHB Enrollees

The health plan of federal employees includes a health premium which is, on average, increasing rapidly. The average rise in health insurance costs for federal employees and retirees in 2022 will be 3.8 percent, less than the previous year. However, due to increased inflation rates, it still significantly decreases the remaining pay for federal workers nationwide. Between 2002 and 2020, the average deductible for individuals with employee-only coverage grew from $650 to $1,945, and for those with family coverage, it climbed from $1,395 to $3,722.

According to the EBRI report, rising out-of-pocket expenses have been a general trend in the healthcare industry. People with health coverage via their workplace frequently pay more out of cash for healthcare services than they did previously. In certain situations, they have claimed that the OPM artificially cut premiums—which receive the greatest attention—by permitting plans to transfer costs to out-of-pocket expenses.

Increase in Copayments and Coinsurance Rates

Besides, copayments have also been rising. The average office visit copayment has risen from $22.30 in 2002 to $26.90 in 2020. Coinsurance rates for office visits rose relatively slowly. Still, because coinsurance requires plan members to pay a portion of the fee, out-of-pocket coinsurance payments rise in tandem with office visit expenses.

According to the research, despite this growth, the proportion of individuals with past-due medical expenses has remained relatively consistent since 2015. But inflation hikes will, in all circumstances, eventually lead health care expenses to grow as well. It is only a matter of time until the percentage of previous-due medical bills rises.

In a Nutshell

Federal employees and retirees are getting health care benefits through health insurance from the government. Still, they are being looted in the form of extra out-of-pocket costs for their health care services. The overall health insurance premium is also increasing, decreasing their remaining salary. During this rising inflation trend, it is difficult for them to cover the cost of their bread and butter.

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