USPS LiteBlue: New LiteBlue PIN

USPS LiteBlue USPS LiteBlueAs of April 28, 2014, Postal employees will be required to use a new password to access USPS LiteBlue / PostalEase and other self-service web applications like eCareer and ePayroll.  This move will take place through the usage of a Self-Service Profile (SSP) application ( which will be used by employees to create and manage their self-service password, email address, security challenge questions, and 4-digit Personal PIN.

“The change to a self-service password (on the LiteBlue system) is necessary to protect and secure employee information,” said Corporate Information Security Officer Chuck McGann.  The hope is that by moving to a stronger password, USPS employee data will be more secure and that the LiteBlue online USPS system will able to help protect employee’s personal information better.

If you are a Postal employee you can easily find a copy of your Postal Service Pay Stub through LiteBlue (

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Employees can access the SSP Password application;

A) Through the Internet at &

B) Through the USPS Intranet, via the USPS LiteBlue Page on the Human Resources website, and 

C) Through an Employee Self-Service USPS LiteBlue kiosk (available at some facilities).

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    1. Hi Shelbi, is a News channel helping Postal employees learn about their retirement benefits (and in this case their password changes on LiteBlue) – you will need to communicate directly with USPS (shared services) for your Password.  Sorry we couldn’t be of more assistance for you.



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