BENEFIT RETIREMENTDo kids as young as pre-kindergarten age need to start appropriately learning financial literacy?  Yes they do.  Being financially literate is a very necessary tool to survive in the new, global experience.  There are a number of federal employees who are wise enough to connect with responsible financial counselors and educators.  There is an ever greater number who absolutely never thought about seeking out the services of a financial counselor.

Just as we cannot be all things to all people, we don’t have the skills needed to manage every aspect of our lives.  We go to doctors and other health care providers when we are ill and not at our physical and mental best.  We seek out an attorney when we need legal advice.  Why not seek out a financial counselor when we need to manage, grow and sustain our wealth.  The Federal workforce is the largest in the world making them collectively the wealthiest workforce in the world.  Although Federal employees do not combine their benefits in retirement or operate as a whole, the financial services they need to exist in retirement are the same.

Federal employees need to know how to manage all of their resources.  They need to understand the merit of planning and accountability.  The Federal government represents the interests of all of its employees and their families, estimated at over 10 million.  The government cannot all the time anticipate your individual needs or the needs of your family, but you can.  Federal employees need to partner with responsible financial counselors and educators early long before 5 years prior to retirement.

You don’t have to be an accountant or a financial expert to be financially literate about your future.  Talking to someone who can help you build a plan that will grow as you and your family grow is an important step to securing your future.  Being a Federal employee affords stability and guarantees some of the best benefits on the market.  Why not complete your benefits package by finding a good, responsible financial counselor/educator who can help you be exactly where you want to be in retirement.

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Dianna Tafazoli

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