FEGLI – Assignment

FEGLI Assignment

FEGLIFEGLI Assignment of Benefits – Employees can, as of a law passed in 1994, assign their FEGLI Basic, FEGLI Standard Optional and FEGLI Additional Optional life insurance to an individual, individuals, a corporation or an irrevocable trust.
Although there are countless reasons why a FEGLI policy holder might consider an assignment of benefits, the most common cause is generally to comply with a court order.  Premium deductions continue from your salary or annuity.
Once the assignment has been made, you cannot cancel your life insurance nor make any future beneficiary changes.  Before we leave our FEGLI discussion, let’s discuss briefly the Living Benefit.
Although the Living Benefit is still a relatively new term for many, it has become increasingly popular as more and more individuals and families struggle with life threatening illnesses leaving them strapped for money.
The FEGLI Living Benefit allows the policy holder to cash in FEGLI Basic coverage if he or she is expected to pass away from an illness in 9 months or less. The Living Benefit is paid to the policy holder instead of survivors or beneficiaries.  This option can only be exercised once.  When the election is made it cannot be cancelled or retracted.
However, if the policy holder does not expire during the time expected and recovers, he or she is not obligated to pay the money back.  When the full living benefit is enacted, the premium deductions stop and the policy is also terminated.
Life insurance is an important part of the financial planning process and FEGLI is a great product until you reach a certain age (speak to a financial professional to help determine when that is).  Life insurance is highly personal and individual.  Key decisions about your life can only be made by you and your loved ones.  No matter what information you share with a professional, the biggest part of the decision-making is emotional and only you get to own it.  Make sure you are working with a knowledgeable financial professional to ensure that you have the right answers to these very difficult questions.

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