Mobile TSP

mobile tspOh, how the times have changed the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP).  It was not that many years ago that the thought of transacting business from anywhere other than the actual physical location of the business was a remote thought at best.  Now in the new millennium we can virtually never leave our homes and get more done than ever before imagined – accessing and impacting your Mobile TSP is no different.

Many federal and postal employees spend a tremendous amount of time in their cars traveling back and forth to work and just living.  Cities and communities are so spread out that it is near impossible to navigate the course of one’s life without a vehicle.

The TSP is a part of the new millennium too, and has grown into something very new indeed, and is no longer your mom’s TSP.   The TSP is on the road with you and has gone mobile.  TSP is anywhere you need to be. is mobile friendly because the folks at TSP want to answer the needs of their customers.  TSP mobile allows participants to use their smartphone to get to the mobile version of the TSP ‘MY ACCOUNT.’  The bonus is – there is absolutely no need to download a special application. The mobile application provides access to the same information available on (You can find out how to access your TSP here).

Your TSP does not stop there.  The TSP is keeping up with technology that keeps its customers informed and on the cutting edge of services, products and programs that deliver.  Who is following TSP?  Find out by becoming a TSP follower on Twitter.  TSP can be found tweeting out the latest and best information and paying close attention to what you have to say @tsp4gov.

It’s all there for you the tools and the information needed to help you make sound decisions about managing your TSP account and building an unshakeable retirement future.

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