SICK LEAVEOne of the attractions for working in the Federal government is the terrific benefits.  There is a generous annual (vacation) leave allowance based on years of service and also sick leave to assist workers with taking care of their health as well as the health of their family members.  However, as the Federal workforce dwindles due to retirement, the workforce is being augmented by contractors.  Contractors play a vital role in carrying out the business of the United States government and yet they are people with families who have the same kinds of needs as the regular workforce.

Although contractors and regular employees needs are the same benefits to contractors are not the same.  If a contractor had to take time off, there was no pay and no provisions for sick leave.  Contractors work and get paid for the work they do when they are actually working with no   consideration for the need to be absent from work.  Such a situation is very taxing for contractors and their families offering them no security.

The President of the United States saw the situation as not being ideal and issued an Executive Order on Labor Day requiring paid sick leave for all Federal contract employees.  The provisions included not only Federal contract employees but subcontract employees as well.  The number of employees who are impacted by ”no paid” sick leave is in the hundred thousands.  The President’s issuance of the Executive Order may also improve the government’s recruitment of valuable contract worker.

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Dianna Tafazoli

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