Politics Take Over

politicsThis is the time of the year when we are usually rushing around to see how to make Christmas happy for the ones we love. There are also deadlines to meet like signing up for Medicare and making the best out of your benefits by using your flexible spending account (FSA) and for many putting in your paper work for retirement.

Those subjects are effectively erased from the media blitz to make room for the next polling data. This time NBC News and the Wall Street Journal conducted a poll from December 6 – 9 to see how the presidential hopefuls would fair if an election was held. The poll had a 3.36 percent plus or minus error rate and had participation from 1000 adults.

The poll revealed that Hillary Clinton was surely the front runner on the Democratic side more than edging out Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. However, although she would send Donald Trump packing she might lose to Marco Rubio and Ben Carson. Former Governor of Maryland – Martin O’Malley is barely registering in the polls. There was no mention of Jeb Bush and a blurb about Cruz. What does it all mean? A good guess would be that Christmas is only about week and a half away so if you haven’t found something wonderful to make the people you love happy, chances are your poll numbers won’t be very high.

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Dianna Tafazoli

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